About Riforest Foundation

A few years before the foundation of Riforest Foundation, an initiative arose to plant fruit trees in the native region of the founders, the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco. The initiative started in 2014 and the first trees were divided in early 2015.

The approach was simple, once a year we looked for sponsors from the family and circle of friends for the purchase and planting of trees. We then went to our native region at our own expense to buy the trees from local nurseries and distribute them to poor farmers, people who have plots of land but lack the money to buy and plant trees every year. For example, the full sponsor amount was spent on the purchase, local transport and any work for digging holes for the trees.

We noticed that the initiative was also received with enthusiasm from a wider circle of acquaintances and colleagues. In order to expand the initiative, we thought it important to set up a foundation. On the one hand, to bring this initiative to the attention of a wider audience in this way, and on the other hand, to be accountable for the use of sponsor amounts in a transparent manner. The foundation was registered in October 2017.

With Riforest foundation, we stay as close as possible to the core of the initiative to plant as many trees as possible in the Rif mountains of Morocco.

Founders and current board members

Chairman: Aziz Kaouass
Secretary: Abderrahim Achamrouk
Treasurer: Mohammed Arab