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About Riforest

The Riforest Foundation originated in 2017 from a private initiative to plant nut and fruit trees in the birthplace of the founders: the Rif Mountains in Northern-Morocco. The initiative started in 2014 and the first trees were distributed in early 2015.

Our approach
The first plan was simple, the founders sought sponsors from family and friends once a year to purchase and plant trees. During the planting season, they traveled to their native region at their own expense. Here they bought trees from local growers and then distributed them to poor farming families. Serving these farmers (families) that have land, but not the finances to buy trees every year and plant them. The entire sponsor amount was spent on the purchase of trees and their local transport. The sponsor amount was also used for small payments for help with the distribution or planting of trees in public places.

From initiative to foundation
The initiative was received with enthusiasm by a wider circle of acquaintances and colleagues. There was also a lot of enthusiasm in the Rif to participate in the planting. The Riforest Foundation was established to expand the initiative. With the establishment of an “official” foundation, it became possible to bring this initiative to the attention of a wider audience. This also made it possible to attract other volunteers and recruit sponsors. It led to us being able to plant more and more trees and also develop more activities in the area.

The Team
The Riforest Foundation team consists entirely of volunteers. All team members care for the environment and/or have a special relationship with the Rif Mountains. Are you interested in finding out more about the people behind Riforest? Meet the team and get to know more about Riforest.

Perma-Rif: locals-for-locals
Besides our team of volunteers we have a partner based in Northern-Morocco. Perma-Rif,  founded in July 2021 in the Rif mountains. It is a locals-for-locals initiative. Each board member has their own expertise and together they form a team with a lot of knowledge and passion. This creates a wonderful collaboration between the team here in the Netherlands and the team there in the Rif. Their facebook page shows their activities in both French and Arabic.


Riforest Foundation has the mission of ecologically restoring degraded agricultural land in the Rif Mountains with and for local residents.


The vision of the Riforest Foundation is to encourage and support poor farmers in the Rif Mountains to restore their land in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The Riforest Foundation does this by offering material support, the transfer of knowledge and the application of principles from Permaculture science.

Our projects

Our main focus is to plant trees in the Rif Mountains and applying permaculture. In addition to this we started a project in 2023 together with Wilde Ganzen Foundation. Together we aim to realize five food forests in four provinces in the Rif by 2024. Knowledge is key, therefore we also focus on the transfer of knowledge.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Riforest or our activities, please feel free to contact us.

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