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In both English and Moroccan-Arabic (Darija)

Online Course Introduction Permaculture

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Learn all about Permaculture in just 3 sessions!

For both Riforest and Perma-Rif (our partner organisation), permaculture forms the basis of all activities for the recovery of depleted agricultural land.

Permaculture is the solution to many problems we encounter in nature. Its wide applicability makes it interesting for anyone who wants to get started on their own land, in an (eco) community or their own (vegetable) garden.

Fortunately, Permaculture is not a complicated science that requires years of study. The standard Permaculture Design Course (PDC) lasts 72 hours. Hopefully we can offer this course in the Rif area in the future. For now, we have found an expert willing to provide an online introduction of 3 sessions.

For whom?
For anyone who is interested in Permaculture and wants to learn more about it. By offering this course in both English and Moroccan-Arabic, we hope to reach both people in Europe and Morocco (Rif) and get them acquainted with this beautiful science. After this online course, we hope to offer participants the opportunity to follow in-depth training on location at Marrakesh Organics and in the Rif.

What will this course cover?
During this course we will cover some topics that are essential within permaculture and restorative agriculture in a broad sense. After the course you will have enough tools to get started.

In three online sessions, Omar will cover the most important topics such as:
■  ecosystems and ecological agriculture
■  the importance of healthy soil compost
■  rain(water) management

Dates & Times
This is an online course and all participants will receive an e-mail with all necessary information and a link to attend. Below you will find the course dates and times. Important: the hours mentioned below are CEST (Amsterdam time zone).

Session 1 : Wednesday 31 May from 20:00 – 22:00
Session 2: Wednesday 7 June from 20:00 – 22:00
Session 3: Wednesday 14 June from 20:00 – 22:00

Moroccan Arabic (Darija)
Session 1: Tuesday 30 May from 20:00 – 22:00
Session 2: Tuesday 6 June from 20:00 – 22:00
Session 3: Tuesday 13 June from 20:00 – 22:00

If you wish to attend this online course, we ask participants from Europe for a small contribution of €25. For this amount you can follow the course in both languages. The sessions will also be recorded so you can watch them later. Are your financial resources less sufficient and would you like to join? Then please contact us.

The proceeds will benefit activities in the field of education and the transfer of knowledge. Per example: the fee for the trainer, but also to offer students in the Rif the opportunity to follow the training at Marrakesh Organics.

Register quickly for the online course via the registration form! Do you have some questions first? Feel free to contact us.

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If you wish to attend this course, please fill out the form below. You will be then asked to complete the payment of €25,-. We will send you a confirmation with necessary information.

About the Trainer: Omar Hajji

Omar Hajji - Course Permaculture Online Riforest

Omar Hajji is an experienced permaculture designer. He also owns Marrakesh Organics, an inspiring sustainable olive grove and training center in the Ourika Valley, near Marrakesh.

In the past he has provided various workshops for Riforest in the Rif. We are therefore very happy that he is willing to provide these sessions.

He has traveled the world learning about ecological restoration, design systems and intentional communities and has been involved in numerous community empowerment programs, particularly in the US, Morocco, Senegal, Thailand, Kenya, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

His roots lie partly in the Rif area, but Omar has insufficient command of the Riffian language. He is however able to offer this introductory course in: Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and English.

Why should you register?

✔ You’ll discover more about permaculture
✔ At an affordable pricepoint
✔ Practical: get started right away!
✔ The online course is online and live
✔ Access to the recordings
✔ An interactive setup!