Our projects

Help us restore degraded agricultural land

Our Projects

Planting trees, watermanagement & education

Our mission is clear: we want to ecologically and economically restore the Rif area in Northern Morocco. We do this through various projects: planting trees creating food forests and knowledge transfer.

Our core activity is planting trees. This means that we provide poor farming families in the Rif with fruit and/or nut trees, shrubs and herbs. The idea is simple and effective.

In addition to planting trees, we also have projects that focus on water management, education (permaculture training, composting, etc.) and the construction of food forests.

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Overview of our projects

We need your help to realize our plans! Below you can read more about our projects. Do you want to know more? Please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Project: Planting trees

Throughout the year we raise money to plant trees during the tree planting season (Nov – March). This fundraising campaign is aimed at enabling us to purchase trees, shrubs and herbs.

These are then distributed to poor farming families who have no resources. Everything that is planted is edible. This makes it possible for families to provide themselves with food. It is also possible to share the surplus from food production with others or to sell it. This in turn contributes to their financial self-reliance.

For €5 you can donate a tree package to a farming family. They receive a package consisting of a fruit or nut tree, a shrub and an herb. We do this because biodiversity plays an essential role. The combination of these reinforce each other and contribute to a healthy soil and food production. It is also possible to give someone a tree donation as a gift.

Project: Five Food forests

Another project is the creation of 5 demonstration food forests in four different provinces in the Rif. A special project in which food production, education and promotion of the local economy come together. Please see our infographic for more specific details.

To realize these food forests we will collaborate with Wilde Ganzen Foundation. It’s up to us to raise 2/3 of the total budget. Wilde Ganzen will then supplement the final 1/3 part.

The food forests are designed based on permaculture. The project is carried out together with our partner Perma-Rif. If you would like to support this project, your donation will benefit the realization of these food forests. You contribute to the self-sufficiency of fifty families in the Rif. You will discover more information on our special project page.

Project: Education & Knowledge Transfer

We know that applying permaculture principles to the agricultural land, is a huge opportunity for the Rif mountains.

Unfortunately, there are currently no permaculture experts in the Rif who can transfer the knowledge. For that reason, our next step is clear, namely organizing a Train-the-Trainer course. A select group will be trained as permaculture trainers by Omar Hajji of Marrakesh Organics.

After the training, they will start helping other farming families apply permaculture principles. A nice bonus is that they can do this in their own local language (Amazigh language).